Target Home Buyers Near You

With Surgical Precision At The Moment They Want To Buy

Do you want to be the go to agent?

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Imagine how your prospective clients feel when they see the perfect home in their dream neighborhood. As real estate agents we know this feeling very well. The feeling of when your prospective buyers walks through for the first time. They just know it right away. It’s the one.


It only happens a few times for prospective buyers, and there’s nothing stopping them from getting the right house when they know what they want.


But what if the prospective buyer doesn’t have an agent or the listing agent isn’t available? Well, yoU Have Other Options for them.

Built To ByPass
Your Competitors

Uhoo identifies prospective buyers in your local area, and sends you a notification when they indicate they are interested in a property. Forget about the old way; read the sign, call the agent. No agent or agent unavailable? Buyer moves on to another property or to a completely different area. That’s a lost sale.

Built-in Notifications
From Red Hot Buyers

When a prospective home buyer wants to see their dream house, they know right away. They don’t want to wait, and the longer they have to wait, the colder they get. With our application, the prospective home buyer simply indicates they are interested in a property, we notify you, and you’re on your way to showing that property. The best part, within minutes. It’s that simple.

No More Driving Hours
To Meet Unqualified Buyers.

We’ve all done it. Times are slow, you have a lead for a buyer but they live 90 minutes in the opposite direction of where you need to go to your next meeting. You think, why not? Only to drive out, show the property to people that weren’t that interested anyways. With Uhoo you can get notified by buyers that are interested in a property at that moment, in your immediate area. Uhoo even knows when you’re on the move and out of your local area, or if you want to extend that area for the day.


More leads, more income. The best thing about Uhoo is that it costs next to nothing when compared to the value of getting extra leads. And the even better part? They are sent directly to your mobile from red hot buyers that want to buy now. The prospect sees a house, and with a single click, they’ll be notifying you about which home in your immediate area they want to see. If you make the sale, you split it with the listing agent. No hassles, on a sale that you ordinarily wouldn’t have made.

Improve Your Close Rate
By Getting More Qualified Leads
How it Works

A prospective buyer with our application, uhoo (yoU Have Other Options) sees a house while they are driving around neighborhoods they want to buy into. They open our app and indicate that they want to meet a nearby agent. Not later that week, or when the listing agent is available. But NOW.

You will get notified that there is an interested buyer looking at a listing close by you. You either can accept or reject that meeting request. If you reject it, it will go on to the next closest agent in the area.

Your agent profile is sent to the prospective buyer, and you're given the location and contact information of the buyer. You’re able to easily and seamlessly communicate and arrange something within minutes right from your app. It’s that SIMPLY.

Join The Movement Now!

We’ve built an application that will allow real estate consumers throughout California to download our app for free, and then notify you if you are available  when they’re interested in purchasing a home. If they send you a notice, it means they want to buy, and they want to buy now.


For a limited time only, we’re accepting a few agents in popular markets throughout California. Now we know this service is going to be in high demand because for the price of one cup of coffee a month you can get this service on a monthly basis paid annually. That’s right, not by the day, but for the cost of a cup of coffee per month you’ll be able to bypass your competition and get leads sent directly to your mobile.


We don’t want to have all the agents in your area, because then the application would lose its effectiveness. So for a limited time only, we are accepting a few agents in your area.


If this offer is of interest to you, hit the Yes, I want to be the goto agent button to get red hot prospective home buyers sent to my mobile phone. But if you aren't ready just hit the Yes, I want to be notified when the app is available for download button so that we can keep you informed and in the meantime we'll pass on these red hot prospective home buyers to other agents until you are ready. 

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